November 28, 2010 * Isaiah 1:1-9

Old Testament Reading

Isaiah 1:1-9

Isaiah, the son of Amoz, begins to share what he heard from the Lord. In verses 2-3, we hear God referring to Israel as his children. We also hear that they are rebellious. In verses 4-9, we learn that rebellion produces estrangement from God. We also find that the consequences of this rebellion are iniquity, evil, corruption, and destruction. Sinful Israel has brought disaster upon itself and if God had not intervened and left a few survivors then all would have been lost. Most commentators see this passage as alluding to the campaign of the Assyrian king Sennacherib in 701 BC.


Can we always depend on God to provide a way for us to recover, at least in part, from the consequences of our sins?

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