November 28, 2010 * Matthew 25:1-13

Gospel Reading

Matthew 25:1-13

This kingdom parable is one that brings many questions to my mind. It starts off simple enough with a description of ten bridesmaids. We know that they take their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. We know that five are wise and have brought flasks of oil and five are foolish and have not brought any extra oil. The bridegroom is delayed and all the bridesmaids fall asleep. When the bridegroom comes at midnight they all get up and try to get ready to meet the bridegroom. The foolish bridesmaids try to get the wise bridesmaids to share their oil. The wise bridesmaids refuse because they are afraid that they will not have enough if they give any of their oil away. The wise bridesmaids tell the foolish to go to the merchants to buy more. While they are away looking for oil the bridegroom comes and brings the wise bridesmaids into the wedding banquet and shuts the door. When the foolish bridesmaids return and beg to be let in the bridegroom says, “No!”


The bridegroom is Jesus. The bridesmaids are the church apparent. The wise bridesmaids are the true church. Who is the bride? The sleep is death. The awakening is the resurrection. The oil is righteousness. Where is it that the foolish bridesmaids go to in search of oil? When the foolish bridesmaids returned had they found oil? If not, how did they find their way to the banquet?


The real lesson here is to be prepared. Are you?

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