November 30, 2010 * Luke 20:9-18

Gospel Reading

Luke 20:9-18


Luke 20:9-18 is the Parable of the Wicked Tenants. It echoes Isaiah 5:2. This parable is in essences a metaphorical setting of the stage for the resurrection. As we learn later in the Gospel of Luke, God (the owner of vineyard) does not immediately respond with vengeance but with love, power, and mercy by raising Jesus from the grave and offering salvation to all who would repent. It also seems to point to the coming destruction of Jerusalem. Jesus makes use of the psalms (Psalm 118:22) and the prophets (Daniel 2:34 & 44) in his final comments at the close of this passage.


In what ways have we as individuals, families, and the church rejected the servants of God? In what ways have we been complicit in the killing of the son of the landowner (the Son of God, Jesus)?

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