December 3, 2010 * Psalm 107




Psalm 107:1-22

Psalm 107 is the first psalm in Book V. The most noteworthy phrase in the psalm is “steadfast love”. This is used in reference to God and appears in the first and last verses and in the two refrains (verses 21 and 31). This psalm is usually classified as a song of thanksgiving. It can also be seen as a sermon on the steadfast love of God. It begins with an invitation for response (verses 1-3), followed by four illustrations (verses 4-9, 10-16, 17-22, and 23-32), and concludes with a summary of the four illustrations.


This morning’s section deals with the first three illustrations. The first illustration, verses 4-9, is an allusion to Israel’s exodus and wilderness experience. The second illustration, verses 10-16, describes the experience of oppression and shows God as helping those “with no one to help.” The third illustration, verses 17-22, describes those who were sick due to their sins repenting and God healing them.


For me, the illustration that seems to speak the loudest during Advent is the first illustration dealing with Israel’s exodus and wilderness experience. The call of Advent is for us as Christians to see even our wilderness experiences as being under the sovereignty of God.



Psalm 107:23-43

Please read the comments on Psalm 107 from this morning’s psalm.


This evening’s section deals with the last illustrations (verses 23-32) and the summary of the four illustrations (verses 33-43). The last illustration, verses 23-32, is a description of deliverance from the sea. In a broader sense it is about God’s ability to deliver from the forces of nature. It of course draws my mind to Jesus stilling the stormy sea. The summary section, verses 33-43, is just that a summary. The overarching theme is that of god’s sovereignty and ability to deliver us.


Where have you seen God sovereignty exhibited today?

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