December 4, 2010 * Luke 21:5-19

Gospel Reading


Luke 21:5-19 contains Jesus’ prediction of the coming destruction of the Temple. This part of Luke parallels Mark 13:1-13. After Jesus warns about the coming destruction of the Temple, someone asks him what sign will warn them that this is about to happen. Instead of describing any signs, Jesus responds by issuing three warnings; (1) a warning against false prophets, (2) a warning of coming wars and insurrection, and (3) a warning of coming earthquakes, famines, and plagues. The disciples are then warned of coming arrests, persecutions, betrayals, and trials. The disciples are told that these coming troubles will provide them with opportunities to testify. The disciples are also told that they need not worry about their defense because Jesus would give them words and wisdom that no one would “be able to withstand or contradict.” Verses 16 and 17 contain even more bad news for the disciples, they are to be betrayed by family and friends, suffer death, and experience hatred because of Jesus’ name. Verses 17 and 18 contain counter this with assurances of God’s care and eternal salvation.


How can we protect ourselves from being led astray?


Do we trust in God enough to be firm in our faith during bad times?

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