Daily Readings for the Narrative Lectionary

This Week’s Lectionary:
April 15 – April 22

April 15, Sunday, Acts 9:1-19a, Paul’s Conversion
April 16, Monday, Acts 9:19b-22, Saul Preaches in Damascus
April 17, Tuesday, Acts 9:23-31, Saul Escapes from the Jews
April 18, Wednesday, Acts 9:36-43, Peter in Lydda and Joppa
April 19, Thursday, Acts 10:1-16, Peter and Cornelius
April 20, Friday, Acts 10:17-23a, Peter and Cornelius
April 21, Saturday, Acts 10:23b-33, Peter and Cornelius
April 22, Sunday, Acts 16:16-34, Paul and Silas