Why The Lectionary

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The witness of the Word of God precedes us and the Word of God chooses us.

The lectionary is not a holy injunction but it is a map that lays out one course for reading the Bible. The lectionary used on this site follows the Daily Office Lectionary found in The Book of Common Prayer (1979). These readings are organized on a two-year cycle and can provide a basis for daily devotional reading and reflection. Because of its roots in worship, the readings follow the church year beginning with Advent (Year 1 begins with Advent, 2012 for the 2013 Church Year; Year 2 begins with Advent, 2013 for the 2014 church year). This implementation omits readings from the Apocrypha. Use of these readings allows you to cover the entire New Testament and the great narrative cycles and many passages from the prophets and writings in two years. The advantages to this discipline is that it (1) allows you to read the Bible over and over again and presses you to read those passages you might not read otherwise, (2) has you read passages that you will probably never hear preached on, and (3) means that you will not be reading alone for whenever you turn to this study you can be assured that there are people all over the world reading, studying and praying over the same passages.